988: Know the Number


Young Shits Brief: Launch campaign for the newly proposed 3-digit code for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 988


Art director working with copywriter Bella Courtenay-Morris across a 14-hour time difference

Timeline & Tools

1.5 weeks & Adobe Illustrator/After Effects.

Awarded “The Shit That Came So Close to Winning,” by Sai He for the Young Shits competition.

Insight: According to a Suicide Crisis Counselor at one of the L.A. call centers, almost all callers find the current Lifeline number by Googling “how do I kill myself,” “hotline number,” “suicide,” or other related content.
Direction: How do we reach callers before they have to Google us?
Execution: 988 Know the Number campaign, launched with a Google Doodle

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