Art Direction & Design


“With Your Other Hand” campaign for Wienerschnitzel (NSAC 2019, District 3 2nd Place) created with copywriter Bella Courtenay-Morris.

"With Your Other Hand" campaign for Wienerschnitzel

Retro “Fit for Adventure” Chacos campaign concept

VCU Homecoming 2020 Campaign Physical Banner Ad

VCU Homecoming Banner


“Black Friday” board game concept & design, Harley Davidson “Patent” Calendar Design

Magazine cover & 2-page spread for The Maine

Poster designs for Aaron West & the Roaring Twenties and The Wonder Years

Intersection user segmentation infographic & Expedition RVA event series poster


3D renders created in Cinema 4D and/or Adobe Dimension

3d wine bottle and glasses render
3d snowman render
3d growler render

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