Nice to meet you, I'm Lex!

Korean-Brazilian-American former Tar Heel/Floridian.

Multimedia creative & designer with a combined experience design/art direction skillset.

Ex-teenaged-martial-arts-instructor who learned (through many hours of intricately cutting & piecing together paper cups with electrical tape) that I love using creativity to solve business problems. 

(Clearly a big fan of the dash, the slash, and punctuation in general because there’s no single best way to describe me.)

If any of these overly complex identity statements happen to interest you, I’d love to chat!


IMM  |  Art Director
VCU  |  G.A. for Marketing & Design
Walk West  |  Experience Design Intern
1893 Brand Studio  |  Art Director, Multimedia Lead
Carolina Football  |  Design Intern


VCU Brandcenter  |  Business/Branding, experience design (2021)
UNC-Chapel Hill  |  Media and Journalism, advertising (2019)

And if you’re looking for a creative team, check out some of my work with Bella Courtenay-Morris.