Hi! My name is

Lex Jin Coelho

a multimedia creative on a mission to design experiences that change lives.

New work coming soon!

As a digital art director at IMM in Boulder, I’ve been dreaming up digital experiences & ad campaigns that I can’t wait to share with you!

I’ll be adding new project pages soon, but in the meantime, here’s my 2022 reel.

(And to see what I’ve been up to outside of the 9-5, take a trip to Neverland & check out Video Valley!)

Recent work

UX/UI - Art Direction

A digital toolkit for student success outside of the traditional classroom.

Art Direction - Motion

A motion design-driven digital extension to the 2020 Super Bowl Commercial.

Art Direction

Everyone has at least one NBC show they love. A classic that feels like home.

Art Direction - Motion

Rigging Gen Z’s favorite quarantine game to convince teens to stop vaping.

Art Direction - Branding - UX/UI

The new visual brand identity of the University Student Commons & Activities at VCU.

Art Direction - Motion

A launch campaign to increase awareness of the new 3-digit number.

Side projects


a home for ideas that never grew up enough to live in my book but exist in a world of their own as little projects I loved too much to let fly away

Coelho-Harrison Wedding

the story of how my husband & I used our strategy, design, and Cricut skills to create a wedding that was truly ours