Hi! My name is

Lex Jin Coelho

a multimedia creative on a mission to design experiences that change lives.

New work coming soon!

As a digital art director at IMM in Boulder, I’ve been dreaming up digital experiences & ad campaigns that I can’t wait to share with you!

I’ll be adding new project pages soon, but in the meantime, here’s my 2022 reel.

(As for what I’ve been up to outside of the 9-5, take a trip to Neverland to check out Video Valley or see how my art director husband & I branded our wedding!)

Recent work

UX/UI - Art Direction

A digital toolkit for student success outside of the traditional classroom.

Art Direction - Motion

A motion design-driven digital extension to the 2020 Super Bowl Commercial.

Art Direction

Everyone has at least one NBC show they love. A classic that feels like home.

Art Direction - Motion

Rigging Gen Z’s favorite quarantine game to convince teens to stop vaping.

Art Direction - Branding - UX/UI

The new visual brand identity of the University Student Commons & Activities at VCU.

Art Direction - Motion

A launch campaign to increase awareness of the new 3-digit number.

Side projects


a home for ideas that never grew up enough to live in my book but exist in a world of their own as little projects I loved too much to let fly away

Coelho-Harrison Wedding

the story of how my husband & I used our strategy, design, and Cricut skills to create a wedding that was truly ours