HomeTeam by Google for Education

A Google Classroom-based digital toolkit for remote learning launched with a campaign to inspire future teachers by highlighting the best part of the job: showing up for students.


Inspire younger generations to become teachers while adapting our education system for the current pandemic and modern student (VCU x Adobe Creative Jam brief + September 2020 Young Shits brief. Awarded 2nd place for the Adobe Creative Jam.).


Despite current physical limitations preventing teachers from being with their students, they still manage to be there for them academically, emotionally and mentally… and sometimes, showing up to support them is enough.

DIRECTION: As a teacher, you show up for your students in many capacities. With students at home & parents overstretched, how can we make it easier to do so remotely?

Case Study

Watch the project overview here or continue scrolling to explore the creative on your own.

The App Solution

Google HomeTeam is a digital toolkit integrated with G Suite for Education to empower students, their families, and their teachers to grow & succeed in education outside of the traditional classroom. To check out the interactive prototype in a new window, visit hometeam.help

For Families

Family accounts provide parents with automated progress tracking & parent notifications and incremental break & reward options for students, diverse tools that can be implemented to help provide additional support & structure for any child to free up the parent.

For Teachers

It allows teachers to monitor students’ progress, communicate better with parents, optimize their virtual curriculum & provide customized support for individual students to offer a better at-home learning experience.

The Launch Campaign: Show Up To Teach

To launch the app & inspire future teachers by highlighting the best part of the job: showing up for students.


To best reach younger generations, we opted for YouTube Pre-roll and Instagram Story ad spots. The first-person POV videos feature non-academic milestones teachers show up for that create meaningful teacher-student relationships

Social & OOH

Bus shelter ad that reads "Be there to celebrate all his wins"
team icon

Lex Jin Coelho: art director/UX designer (parent)

Bella Courtenay-Morris: copywriter

Lauryn Goodlett: UX designer (student)

Jael Williams: UX designer (teacher)

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App design: 70-hour competition

Launch campaign: 2 weeks

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Adobe XD


After Effects

Premiere Pro