Budweiser/Uber: Whassup Again

Imagining how our smart devices might act if we gave them that "Bud" (or a few too many) that they were wishing for in the 2020 Budweiser/Uber Super Bowl spot, "Whassup Again"


Extend the reach and impact of a 2020 Super Bowl commercial (beyond broadcast TV) by using motion to create greater visual interest and a connection to the campaign story.


This Bud’s for Siri. QR-Activated digital extensions & Instagram story ads leveraging imitations of our favorite voice assistants, showing what it would look like if they too had too much to drink.

Instagram Story Ads

Digital Extension

An interactive, QR-activated animation that a user can experience by using their phone to scan the code on a Budweiser can. Depending on the device’s operating system, the user would be sent to one of two extensions that mimics their phone’s voice assistant.

Campaign Packaging

Limited-edition packaging run playing off Budweiser’s ongoing concept, “This Bud’s for ____.” 

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Lex Jin Coelho: art director/motion designer

Bella Courtenay-Morris: copywriter

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2 weeks for original concept (with Hamza Ali) & digital extension execution

2 weeks for additional assets

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Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, & Dimension

Red Giant Trapcode Particular