Whassup Again

I’m working on adding this project to my site, so check back soon! In the meantime, here’s a preview:

Challenge: Use motion to create meaning for an interactive extension of a Super Bowl Ad.

Insight: Budweiser and Uber partnered up in their Whassup Again spot to combat drunk driving with the message, “It’s a smart world. Don’t be stupid about how you get around tonight.” We took this a step further utilizing the same theme of smart devices wishing they were also “having a Bud.”

Idea: What if our devices had too much to drink?

Execution: This Bud’s for Siri. QR-Activated digital extensions & Instagram story ads leveraging imitations of our favorite voice assistants.

Role: Art director/motion designer with copywriter Isabella Courtenay-Morris

Instagram Story Ads

QR-Activated Digital Extension

Campaign Product Packaging

siri and google assistant-themed budweiser cans on a coffee table in a living room